igloo footprint® is a well-proven, internationally recognised investment methodology that sits deep within the igloo philosophy. By using igloo footprint® we create additional value and bind our stakeholders’ aspirations into the fabric of every project we take on.

igloo footprint® has six dimensions:


igloo will create places that are mindful of the principles of the Circular Economy.


igloo aims to deliver carbon positive, zero operational carbon, zero bills, homes.


igloo recognises the importance of social capital, and will work with our clients, stakeholders and the local community to promote its creation.


igloo will bring a holistic approach to context, urban design, movement, building typology, place activation/ programming and identity.


igloo will create buildings and places that help maximise wellbeing.


igloo will create green and blue, ecologically diverse neighbourhoods.


“igloo’s footprint is the most comprehensive and holistic model for reviewing impacts of design and investment decisions encountered in this research.”

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