igloo footprint® is a well-proven, internationally recognised investment methodology that sits deep within the igloo philosophy. By using igloo footprint® we create additional value and bind our stakeholders’ aspirations into the fabric of every project we take on.

igloo footprint® has four key themes:

Health, Happiness and Wellbeing

We invest in people and communities to change lives and realise potential.


Projects must contribute to the long term social, physical and economic renewal of urban neighbourhoods.

Environmental Sustainability

From resources to design ensure the project works in harmony with its surroundings and the environment

Urban Design

The design of buildings and the public realm should be at once distinctive, functional and inherently urban in character


“igloo’s footprint is the most comprehensive and holistic model for reviewing impacts of design and investment decisions encountered in this research.”

Further Information

You can browse case studies and learn more about igloo footprint® in documents below.