Lowri Bond

Project Manager, Community and Placemaking

Lowri has over 18 years’ experience working in the cultural and voluntary sectors in the North East. She is passionate about engaging and working with communities and young people to ensure their involvement in regeneration projects in their neighbourhoods.

From an arts and urban design background, Lowri developed public and community programmes at Northern Architecture for over 12 years, working as prt of the development management team in neighbourhoods undergoing change in housing market renewal area and as part of estate regeneration and heritage restoration projects.

Lowri has also delivered training and skills development opportunities, such as Building for Life for industry professionals, as well as for students, community members and young people in the North East. She has also helped to establish a Young Urbanists programme in the region.

Lowri has contributed to successful HLF bids for the restoration of buildings and structures in the North East, and has been a visiting tutor at Newcastle University’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape for the last seven years.

Drawn to igloo’s ethos and approach to sustainable development, Lowri is committed to involving a diverse range of people in the placemaking process, from vision origination to development use post build.